Capoeira for Kids

Capoeira for Kids 2

About Bantus Capoeira for Kids

If you are looking for a pastime to occupy a hyperactive child, you could try enrolling him or her in one of our kids’ classes.

In our kids’ Capoeira classes, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for children to expend their energy in a creative way as well as learn moves that encourage the development of their motor skills and coordination in a safe and fun environment.

Basic gymnastic moves will be introduced, and more advanced moves (such as walking handstands, walk overs and back flips) will be gradually added to their physical vocabulary as they improve. These Capoeira classes are highly interactive, on all levels, not just between instructor and students. Children will learn to be both independent and socially interactive; encouraging one another and learning to “play” rather than “fight” Capoeira. Rhythm and music skills are further enhanced as children learn to play instruments and sing in Portuguese.

This highly energetic and rewarding class maintains physical fitness and is a great place to burn off some extra energy as well as imparts skills and the ability to focus in your child that will serve him or her well in the future.


Adult lessons are available too.

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